Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

Wexner Offers Immemory


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ImmemorybyChrisMarker Englishversion
Immemory – English Version

For more information, you can visit their Chris Marker Store.

In Immemory, Chris Marker has used the format of the CD-Rom to create a multi-layered, multimedia memoir. The reader investigates “zones” of travel, war, cinema, and poetry, navigating through photographs, film clips, music, and text, as if physically exploring Marker’s memory itself. The result is a veritable 21st-century Remembrance of Things Past, an exploration of the state of memory in our digital era. With it, Marker has both invented a literary form and perfected it.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: For Macintosh computers only, running OS X version 10.4.11 or later, including 10.5 “Leopard.” Price: $19.95 | Member price: $17.95

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Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory
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