Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

Vertov was my teacher


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Thanks to Eupalinos Ugajin (an SL cipher we have yet to decipher) of for publishing a saved chat of Chris Marker’s recent tour of Ouvroir in Second Life. The blog post is called “Chris Marker (Sergei Murasaki) présente son exposition dans l’Ouvroir” and provides a window onto the avatour recently hosted by the Harvard Film Archive.

Vertov Kino cut
Vertov, Man with the Movie Camera

Marker, in the guise of Sergei Murasaki – montage that quickens the heart – touches on Tarkovsky, the La Jetée bar in Tokyo, his Staring Back photos of the trees at the Place de la République, the origin of the Petite Planète book series, Simone Signoret and much more. There are some classic one-liners, such as: “Memory was given to man for lying;” “Memory is made to tell fairy tales;” “She came to my place and looked interested” (on LEILA); “As if the God HE believed in had driven me to leave a testimony” (on Tarkovsky), and of course the quote in the title of this post. When asked about Guillaume, he replies “that, my dear, would take a whole evening.” On the possibility of a Second Life film, which is a tempting one no doubt, he comments: “I have already lots of rushes on my trips in SL what I need is again an extra life to work on them.” A third life, as Marker / Murasaki calls it…

Since the blog post has disappeared, here is the record of another Second Life conversation by Lucien Bookmite on poptronics: L’Ouvroir, souvenirs d’une maison flottante, repères 182-69-39. [update 9/2016]

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Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory
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