Untergang des Abendlandes

Sans Soleil - New Yorker VideoWe thought Chris Marker fans would like to know. Many of us learned the text of Sans Soleil forwards, backwards and sideways – down to identifying the lone still self-portrait frame in a Tokyo television monitor – by playing the New Yorker Video release of Sans Soleil on VHS over and over (and over) again, until it was as worn out as, say, Katy Lied.

New Yorker Films, the distributor that helped introduce American moviegoers to the works of Bernardo Bertolucci, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Ousmane Sembène, announced on Monday that it was going out of business after 44 years.

NY Times

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  1. I happened to be reading this as Sans Soleil played in the background of my apartment. How sad. New Yorker also distributed another favorite of mine — My Dinner with Andre. Likewise, one of the last stores in New York where one could have rented these videos — Kim’s Video — itself finally closed its doors last month.

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