Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory


Chris Marker: Mosquito Bytes Cause Malaria


Courtesy of Chunking Books, Twitter: @chunkingbooks In celebration of Chris Marker‘s 100th birthday, Chunking Books dedicates this first catalog to Chris Marker‘s incredibly vast and diverse body of work, ranging from his earliest poems to his multimedia installations, with the inclusion of some of his distinguished...

Matta by Chris Marker


During a 1985 exhibition, the artist Matta takes Marker on a tour of his work. His wide-ranging commentary covers art-historical and philosophical questions about art and audience in a manner both mischievous and profound. Matta is an energized subject throughout the interview, and Marker's prowling, hand-held camera perfectly captures this sensation.

Icelandic Happiness

cm iceland bonheur squashed

The image of happiness from Sans Soleil — Án sólar in Icelandic This morning, I received an email from Quentin Darcq alerting me to the presence of a video from Icelandic television on called “Исландское TV о поиске трёх сестёр из “Без солнца” (which translates as “Icelandic TV about the search for three sisters from Sans Soleil“). The post’s author is named Крис Маркер (“Chris Marker”). My thanks go out to...

Overnight by Chris Marker

overnight riots

I had overlooked this addition to the still-live Kosinki YouTube account that Chris Marker assembled near the end of his life. This video is a stark presentation without commentary of photographs of London shops after a riot, rioters throwing objects, trashed businesses with police "Do Not Cross" signs, broken windows in a Hi-Fi store... It's a story told in the timeless Before and After mode, though how Marker was able to capture the Before images is a great...



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Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory
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