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La Jetée Blu-Ray DVD Announced

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On the heels of the thrilling announcement of the new Blu-ray DVD of Sans Soleil, Potemkine Films has announced another exquisite package: La Jetée by Chris Marker in a new "Édition Collecteur," due out on February 2, 2021. The new release includes the 250 page ciné-roman book of La Jetée, as well as extra videos: "Regards sur La Jetée par Jean-Michel Frodon; Quand La Jetée croise Vertigo; Jean Négroni raconte le tournage de La Jetée, and Petite visite du bar La...

Cuba Si! by Chris Marker (1961)


Cuba Si!, Chris Marker’s 1961 film about the late Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution, was produced by Pierre Braunberger and banned in France. It contains much original footage of Castro speaking, and is one of a handful of films not available, to my knowledge, on DVD. It is rarely shown and was not considered by Marker himself as part of his oeuvre that he wished to have projected. He talked about his early films as ‘sketches’ of what was to...

Time Travel Specialist

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Update The translation by Dorna Khazeni is here: The Encounter of M. Chat & Chris Marker as Told By Louise Traon. Original Post I’m working – and reaching out once again to a friend better qualified – on translating a fine story involving the encounter of Chris Marker and Thoma Vuille, awesome street artist and creator of M. CHAT. The story, “Chats percheurs – La rencontre entre Chris Marker et M. CHAT racontée par Louise...



As many, I am speechless to learn of the passing of Chris Marker. He lives on in our hearts and minds, in his incomparable work, in the inner sanctum of eternity—”au lieu d’un mort, on fait un éternel.” Much will be written; for now we feel.

Guillaume’s Adieu & the Disorder of Time

2010 Year of the Tiger1

3009 postcard by Chris Marker — Souvenirs de Copenhague — Guillaume in Time Travel Spaceship Prompted out of a kind of suspended time of my own by several emails from Christophe Payet, “journaliste pigiste,”  I found my one-d and zeroed way to the above image on poptronics’  site, and thought about the strange swirling of time, the wounds of time as they might possibly exist in the New Year within the being named Chris Marker. I wandered...

Reeling in the Years


Reversion of History by Jean Baudrillard Somewhere in the course of the eighties of the twentieth century, history took a turn in another direction. Once it passed its apogee in time, once it reached the peak of the curve in its evolution, its solstice of history, a sliding back of events set in, an unfolding of inverted meaning. As in the case of cosmic space, historical space-time would also have a curvature. By way of the same chaotic effect in time as in space...

Wexner offers Chris Marker’s History of Art Postcards

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Chris Marker, History of Art – 10 postcard set (OOP) While browsing the Wexner Center Chris Marker Store of late, along with the recent release of the English text of Coréennes with a letterpress cover, we came upon an additional collector’s item created by Chris Marker—a set of 10 postcards re-visiting, from a cat’s perspective, the History of Art. The set is published by Peter Blum, curator of the recent extensive gallery show of Marker’s...

2058 at the Tate

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It seems Bolaño's future is more future than this future, and it may well be that La Jetée's is even further out and farther in. The Man in the High Castle was a novel about a parallel or alternate past, constructed meticulously out of coin tosses at the I Ching. En plus, it seemed to be raining all the time in Blade Runner. Still, this is all just prehistory to the distant future of 4001, the era of perfect memory. What will the humans or otherwise reigning...



Memory of the Future

Thank you to DT for bringing this prescient Guillaume moment from 6 November 2004 (!) to our attention. [See comments on the post “Guillaume Sends a Message“]. This collage was originally published in Un Regard Moderne.

Guillaume on the First Black US President

Spiral Staircase into the Zone


It’s an off week in the waning era of imperfect memory. So in weak association to the spiral trope in Chris Marker’s vision of time, we offer you a link to spiral images on a site dedicated exclusively to . . . stairs: Justin Anthony’s Hotel Josef in Prague Sans Soleil Spirals He wrote me that only one film had been capable of portraying impossible memory—insane memory: Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. In the...

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory
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