The Year of the Cat

2011 Year of the Cat

So this came in by catmail. Going through the archives, I found a 2010 “Year of the Tiger” image, a 2009 image posing as a 3009 time travel postcard after the flood [“Souvenir de Conenhague,” the city underwater with Guillaume in a time travel capsule doing a fly-by], and a 2006 “Year of the Underdog [Snoopy 1951]” image. It seems we have a tradition on our hands, though gaps are to be expected. We wish all the cats under the stars a good new year, whether you’re leaking or leak-proofing. And that includes Al Stewart…

[audio:/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/09-Year-Of-The-Cat.mp3|titles=Al Stewart, Year Of The Cat]

2 thoughts on “The Year of the Cat

  1. Marie says:

    Bonne année Guillaume…

  2. Oda says:

    Buen año para Guillaume y para todos los gatos del mundo…

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