Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

Sandor Krasna’s Photostream


Thanks to Tyler Beaman for pointing us to this growing archive of Chris Marker aka Sandor Krasna photography. No stranger to new media, Marker’s pseudonymous forays into social media sites are atypical not only of his generation, but several following ones. An artist of many media, an Eye with many names, a being of “unzeitgemäße Betrachtungen,” out of or beyond time yet always keenly in the present, he retains his inimitable interest in the conjunction of the human visage and the display of resistance to power that can still, at times, leave the screen-world and take to the streets. Check out the Sandor Krasna Flickr photostream at

Lecture-marathon de la Princesse de Clèves par de jeunes chercheurs en grève, devant le Panthéon


  • Nice one – totally agree. It is highly unlikely. As MySpace is of course popular with bands, your comment got me to thinking (not always a good sign) – wouldn’t it be nice to hear Marker’s soundtracks, stripped of image and voice? On a CD, bien sûr, not chez MySpace. He is undervalued as a composer, IMO.

  • That’s actually a brilliant idea! Though maybe have two versions: one without the voice tracks, and one that includes them. Certain sequences in his films — I am thinking particularly here of the dance sequence in Le Fond de L’Air est Rouge, which meditates on Chinese communism if I recall, or the transfixing kamikaze sequence in Sans Soleil — include voice tracks that almost seem inextricable from the music and have the lyrical quality of succinct tone poems in themselves. This is probably too much, but sometimes I have turned on Sans Soleil in the background while I am doing other things (permissible, I think, since I know it almost verbatim) just to listen to the cadences of the voiceover commentary — not even the words, per se, and I have done this with both the French and English versions — but the distinctive cadences, the rapid flow of Marker’s thoughts, which always seem to have , like a Bach cantata, a perfect terminus.

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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