Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory


Coréennes Reprint @ Wexner


Wexner writes: “The Wexner Center Store has acquired some copies of the 2008 Korean reprint of [Chris Marker’s] Coréennes by Noonbit Publishing.” The order page provides additional information: Chris Marker: Coréennes Noonbit Publishing Korean reprint of 1959’s book of photos by Chris Marker. Over 120 black-and-white photos of North Korea with illustrations from maps, comic books, street posters and paintings. This book was the result of a trip to...

Cineaste Issue & Icarus Films Flier


Thanks to Cineaste magazine for sending along a copy of their recent issue [Vol. XXXIII No. 4] featuring an illuminating article by Chris Marker: “The Last Bolshevik: Reminiscences of Alexander Ivanovich,” a lead article by Adrian Martin entitled “Chris Marker: Notes in the Margin of His Time,” and Martin’s compiled resources “Some Key Chris Marker Films on DVD (Plus Some Other Works and Resources).” On the cover is a small...

Wexner Offers Immemory


Wexner Center for the Arts has added the re-release of Immemory: A CD-Rom by Chris Marker, published by Exact Change, to their online store. For more information, you can visit their Chris Marker Store. In Immemory, Chris Marker has used the format of the CD-Rom to create a multi-layered, multimedia memoir. The reader investigates “zones” of travel, war, cinema, and poetry, navigating through photographs, film clips, music, and text, as if physically...

Immemory Re-released by Exact Change


Exact Change* has re-released Chris Marker’s CD-ROM Immemory for OS X. This is great news, as the earlier versions (both the French original and the port by Exact Change to English) were unplayable on “modern” Macs and thereby stuck in kind a technological cul-de-sac, languishing. (The background to this lies, at least in part, in the history of Marker’s beloved multimedia authoring tool Hyperstudio, but that’s another story). It...

Guillaume Sends a Message


What else do you lack to make it right, But cats down under the stars tonight?– Jerry Garcia Well, quickly on the heels (or paws) of Colin Powell, un certain chat qui s’appelle Guillaume – the infamous ironist and stylish dresser (here sporting the T in OG style) – has weighed in on the upcoming election in the disunited, dysfunctional states of america, where hope springs eternal but empire can’t last forever. His brand spanking new t...

La Jetée Back in Print


MIT Press and Zone Books have announced the re-printing of the book version of Chris Marker’s La Jetée ciné-roman, originally published in 1996 but out of print for some time (imperfect memory, as promised). J.G. Ballard’s quote on the inner flap – applicable as it happens to his own “strange and poetic” work – has always struck me as on the mark: This strange and poetic film, a fusion of science fiction, psychological fable and...

Guillaume-en-EgypTee + Silence


This Guillaume-en-Egypte t-shirt is available from the Wexner Center for the Arts Store, Chris Marker section. Simple, really, and nevertheless a Rosetta Stone of sorts. The-Silent Movie-Cat points quizzically back to the celluloid (the “black leader” of Sans Soleil?). The primordial gesture of Silent Movie, a video installation from 1995, is that of a woman’s index finger covering her lips in the gesture of silence. The brochure from the London...

Le Fond de l’air est rouge DVD


PAL DVD Release Date Set for April 24, 2008 Some preliminary information from Réalisateurs : Chris Marker Format : PAL Région: Région 2 (Ce DVD ne pourra probablement pas être visualisé en dehors de l’Europe) Date de sortie du DVD : 24 avril 2008 ASIN: B0014GIZTM You can now purchase the DVD at Arte Boutique. See comments for extra films included in this release. Arte summarizes Marker’s monumental film in this succinct soundbyte: De Che...

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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