Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory


Metropia by Chris Marker


Thanks to Second Life chronicler lucien bookmite for drawing our attention to this new work by Kosinki on YouTube. Could the music be Arvo Pärt? This series of photographs, seemingly run through the Animoto engine, harks back to Staring Back, and more distantly – in this viewer’s mind at least – to Si j’avais quatre dromedaires. Ever new surprises from the master behind the camera, but rarely in front of it. All women have a built-in grain...

Immemory Re-released by Exact Change


Exact Change* has re-released Chris Marker’s CD-ROM Immemory for OS X. This is great news, as the earlier versions (both the French original and the port by Exact Change to English) were unplayable on “modern” Macs and thereby stuck in kind a technological cul-de-sac, languishing. (The background to this lies, at least in part, in the history of Marker’s beloved multimedia authoring tool Hyperstudio, but that’s another story). It...

Within these few inches…

Within these few inches, 40 years of my life - Chris Marker

Back to that balcony at the Place de la République where all huge demonstrations have always started or ended. I manage to frame again the top portion of my old photograph. In between I have been in Japan, Korea, Bolivia, Chile. I have filmed students in Guinea-Bisseau, medics in Kosovo, Bosnian refugees, Brazilian activists, animals everywhere. I covered the first free elections in East Germany after the fall of the Wall, and I sniffed the first moments of...



We received a thoughtful note from Don Livoni @ fogblog regarding his recent discovery of Chris Marker. Crafting a haunting film from stills is a discovery that evidently can be made without prior knowledge of La Jetée. It’s a bit like Leibniz and Newton, albeit with a time “differential,” if you like ;). While Mr. Livoni’s films (for example, “Rosie’s Girls” and “DNYK Dreamer”) evoke La Jetée by the skillful...

Things Gone & Things to Come


First Run / Icarus films has uploaded to YouTube this teaser for the new-to-DVD Chris Marker & Yannick Bellon film Remembrance of Things to Come. One feels, even in the first moments preceding the title, the lingering taste, the déjà vu of La Jetée in the b/w collage of living stills, and the déjà entendu of Sans Soleil in the unmistakable voice of Alexandra Stewart.

La Chasse


La photo, c’est la chasse, c’est l’instinct de chasse sans l’envie de tuer. C’est la chasse des anges… On traque, on vise, on tire et – clac! au lieu d’un mort, on fait un éternel. The photo is the hunt, it’s the instinct of hunting without the desire to kill. It’s the hunt of angels… You trail, you aim, you fire and – clic! – instead of a dead man, you make him everlasting. Die Fotografie ist Jagd, ist...

Stealing Light

chrismarker protest arrest pentagon web

Chris Marker – Escorted Away By Military Police for Stealing Light During those years, I came to the conclusion that the only sensible weapon against the cops could be a film camera. Not that glorious but, at times, efficient. With a small 16mm contraption, stolen from a UNESCO drawer, I caught my first demo footage, rather fuzzy, stealing light from the television people. And that was a turning point in my film ‘career’ (that despicable word). In...

Staring Back


Staring Back by Chris Marker “Staring Back presents 200 black and white photographs from Marker’s personal archives, taken from 1952 to 2006. Some of the photographs are related to his classic films (which include Le Jetée, Sans Soleil, ¡Cuba Si!, and The Case of the Grinning Cat), others are portraits of famous faces (Simone Signoret, Akira Kurosawa), but most are pictures of people Marker has encountered as he has traveled the world (an extra who...

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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