Owls At Noon Book Published

Chris Marker: Owls At Noon Prelude: The Hollow Men

Chris Marker Owls at Noon | Prelude: The Hollow MenThe Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia has published a volume entitled Chris Marker: Owls At Noon – Prelude: The Hollow Men. Their site offers the following description:

A heavily illustrated study of French filmmaker Chris Marker’s portentous video installation Owls At Noon Prelude: The Hollow Men, with essays by Adrian Martin and renowned French film theorist Raymond Bellour, introduced by Robert Leonard. / $20

Thanks to Adrian Martin for the tip. He mentions that the book features “an incredible pictorial layout largely designed by Chris [Marker] himself.” He also drew our attention to the current issue of Rouge, which publishes his translation of an insightful & prophetic essay on Marker from 1963, “Markeriana: A Scarcely Critical Description of the Work of Chris Marker” by Roger Tailleur.

UPDATE 23 October 2008

Thanks for the plug on your website. We don’t have US distribution sorted as yet. But we can sell the OWLS AT NOON book direct for $20 Australian plus $10 Australian post and packaging. We’ll send it anywhere in the world for that. And with the current exchange rate, that’s an especially good deal! It was about $20.00 US, when I looked earlier today. Easiest thing is for your readers to send credit card details to anna [at] ima.org.au
– Robert Leonard, Institute of Modern Art

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  1. Lee Patrick says:


  2. zerkalo says:

    @lee patrick :: excellent idea & image sequences, thanks for the link. roger caillois and neruda were my inspirations for conceiving narratives with “nobody in them” => no humans but a lot of stones (gems and rocks).

  3. markertext says:

    Is this available for purchase anywhere? Any Australian intermediaries to the rescue?

  4. blindlibrarian says:

    I sent the Institute an email inquiring about purchasing details and cc:ed you. Will alert readers asap!

  5. blindlibrarian says:

    See update in post itself re. ordering details.

  6. blindlibrarian says:

    Robert Leonard writes:
    You can order the HOLLOW MEN book directly from us. Contact anna [at] ima.org.au Cheers, Robert Leonard/Director.

  7. Now available at the Wexner Center Store. Thank You to Robert / IMA.
    [link updated 2/19/14 – Ed.]

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