Metropia by Chris Marker

Thanks to Second Life chronicler lucien bookmite for drawing our attention to this new work by Kosinki on YouTube. Could the music be Arvo Pärt? This series of photographs, seemingly run through the Animoto engine, harks back to Staring Back, and more distantly – in this viewer’s mind at least – to Si j’avais quatre dromedaires. Ever new surprises from the master behind the camera, but rarely in front of it.

All women have a built-in grain of indestructibility. And men’s task has always been to make them realize it as late as possible.
Sans Soleil

3 thoughts on “Metropia by Chris Marker

  1. noir artist says:

    Wonderful! If only my photographs could speak as loudly as these (If you know what I mean), but than again I normally only photograph inanimate objects (and the occasional animal).

  2. Definitely Arvo Part — “Summa” I think — and am increasingly beginning to think this is Chris Marker as well…

  3. bricoleur says:

    comments re-opened for older posts today

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