Memory of the Future

Thank you to DT for bringing this prescient Guillaume moment from 6 November 2004 (!) to our attention. [See comments on post “Guillaume Sends a Message“]. This collage was originally published in Un Regard Moderne.


4 thoughts on “PsyCat

  1. Lucien Bookmite says:

    Excellent cat’s eyes…

  2. Futur antérieur!
    The Bazooka / Un Regard Moderne team do some really great work. Thier site is well worth checking out on a regular basis. I had the chance to see them in situ in 2004 at their “Bazooka Fout La Merde” exhibition. Also got to chat with Loulou Picasso and take some photographs. They published a great catalogue through Seuil. Will post some pics at my “On My Desk” page at Flickr.

  3. renaud says:

    isn’t there a story about Chris Marker coming from the future?

  4. zerkalo says:

    C. Lupton on Klein, Seuil, Marker

    Catherine Lupton, Chris Marker: Memories of the Future, p. 46.

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