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Krasna Detective


Remember the borgesian-style story ‘Ate onde le sabe’ from Brazil (featuring Sandor Krasna, the dreamer)? Well, here comes another lusophonic snippet. Lead, garden path, dead end? Who cares. Alas, the smooth, sensual quality … of the Portuguese ‘nos gusta’ is lost in the translation that follows.


1st message (request):

> necesito saber e significado del nombre krasna lo q si se es
> q es de origen checo.

“I need to know the meaning of the name ‘Krasna’ in its original Czech form.”

2nd message (answer):

> krasna es de origen Croata, pero tambien esta presente en otros
> paises como rusia etc. significa algo lindo. algo bonito o algo
> hermoso. es para referirse a alguna cosa o alguna persona que
> nos gusta. ;-D

“Krasna is of Croatian provenience, but also crops up in other countries such as Russia etc. It denotes something nice, pleasant, handsome. It is used to refer to something or someone we like / approve of / suiting our taste.”

Which invites us to read ‘Krasna’ as yet another name for something or someone that / who makes our heart beat faster.

I re-read what I just wrote, and it looks suspiciously familiar. Is it possible that it’s just a paraphrase of something I posted before?

– DK

Dirk Kuhlmann


  • Hi,

    Congratulation for this page. I love Chris Marker’s work. I am brazilian and “Nos gusta” isnt a portuguese expression…..


Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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