Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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Chris Marker has a brilliant mind and heart and appetite for life, and it’s a privilege to travel with him to whatever he chooses to remember and to evoke. He is one of cinema’s all time greats — the most important reflective or non-narrative filmmaker after Dziga Vertov.

Susan Sontag

Immemory is a contribution to the ars memoriae that, once experienced, will prove difficult to forget. Yet because of its multiple paths, its forking, hypertextual options, it cannot of course be experienced once, or in one way. It might be construed as a series of homages and constructed memory sites. At a particular level or portal, it renders a homage to cinema that wonders simultaneously whether it also prefigures the death of cinema. It traces as well a variable journey through the images, the remnants and the revenants, the stillness and the dust. Immemory, finally, offers a tour of the musée imaginaire we inhabit over time, along with an evocative summation of the profoundly human concerns of Marker’s art. Might it not also be seen as a gently ironic reprise and reimag(in)ing of La Jetée?

Michael Palmer

Admirers of the great photographer-filmmaker Chris Marker will find this haunting, alluring, sardonic and politically charged cybermuseum of geographical memory invaluable for exploring the threads, relations, transitions, juxtapositions of his life (as he cares to reveal it) and work.

Susan Howe

Quotes culled from Exact Change English edition

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  • “Immemory” and Vertigo gave me an idea: make a site where we could give a “free replay” to the movies that changed our life. Give its opinion on these films, but above all try to make literature or cinema from these films: novels, poetry, remakes. This is not to remember these films but to relive them, as Orpheus who finds Eurydice.

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory
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