Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

Guillaume Sends a Message


Cats Go Barack

What else do you lack to make it right,
But cats down under the stars tonight?
– Jerry Garcia

Well, quickly on the heels (or paws) of Colin Powell, un certain chat qui s’appelle Guillaume – the infamous ironist and stylish dresser (here sporting the T in OG style) – has weighed in on the upcoming election in the disunited, dysfunctional states of america, where hope springs eternal but empire can’t last forever. His brand spanking new t-shirt is being offered by the Wexner Center for the Arts in their Chris Marker store. Hmm, a t-shirt within a t-shirt – that’s getting pretty metaphysical. Reminds me of some French filmmaker, or an Arnolfini Marriage… Congress is currently debating whether they will allow cats to vote, but don’t hold your breath. If you’ve got two legs, a unicycle or a friend with a passenger seat, get to the polls. Les citoyens EU seront, nous savons et esperons, nos majorettes ce jour-là, pendant que Guillaume sert comme Ministre des Affaires Étrangères.

Details from Wexner: Available Now! 6.1 oz 100% Cotton White Tee Shirts. Featuring Guillaume-en-egypte [sic]. Very limited quantities available.


  • I just watched “The Last Bolshevik” and don’t quite understand what Barack Obama has to do with Marker’s obvious socialist sympathies, unless you believe McCain’s propaganda that Obama is a socialist.

  • Perhaps Marker is a socialist and Guillaume an Obamaist, or perhaps Guillaume is expressing something on behalf of Europeans—their hope for a US President who is articulate and believes in an ongoing, open dialogue with the old continent, not to mention countries like Iran. We’d have to ask Guillaume, but he doesn’t talk much… I am glad, whatever the case, that there are “unrepentent Marxists” out there still. Great Horkheimer quote on your About page…

  • I think America in the last several years has mastered capitalism so well that — with unemployment at almost 9 percent — it now provides the clearest rationale for socialism. Marker’s coda on Coreenes is poignant: “During the Cold War I used to say to my comrades on both sides, ‘What you call the errors of socialism is socialism, what you call unbridled capitalism is capitalism.’ For now only one of those two behemoths remains on its feet, but the other’s defeat has not humanized the survivor, on the contrary. Interviewed on television shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Claude Lelouch, who is not a Marxist dog, made a comment full of good sense: ‘Communism had at least this much going for it, it scared the money-men – and left to their own devices, the money-men are capable of anything.'”

  • Amazing. I hadn’t seen that prescient pronouncement, but somehow it doesn’t surprise me. Thank you for releasing this again to our awareness. I for one am happy that CM, BO and Guillaume all not only exist but continue to show us how’s it’s done, against all odds and with startling precision.

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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