Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

Guillaume Movie by Chris Marker


This piece is one of two by a certain “Kosinki.” On closer look, Kosinki is the channel (which you can subscribe to) and Guillaume is the user (age: 40; country: France). The other is called LEILA ATTACKS, and it rocks. In both, obviously, Marker’s senses of humor and composition are alive and well.

LEILA ATTACKS is at once a parody of the faux gigantism of blockbuster PR and a morality tale (it’s tempting to say allegory) of a surprising turnabout in power relations. It is not without self-parody either, as one of the Soviet-meets-grunge style opening titles declares Chris Marker “the best-known author of unknown movies.”

It seems Marker’s “farewell to movies” lingers on, ever more whimsical, practically aphoristic. Could the aphorism film be the heir, within the very personal and web-disseminated form of a cinéma mineure, to the essay film?

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  • Marker is, in many ways, an aphorist at heart. He has a rare intellectual elegance. He exhibits a whimsy so dry it seems more schematic than whimsical. “You need a lot of tact to do good cooking for desperate people,” the narrator says in “The Embassy.” “The owl is to the cat what the angel is to man,” he says in “An Owl Is an Owl Is an Owl,” one of the animal shorts.“Chris Marker: the best known author of unknown movies,” Boston Globe [Mark Feeney, August 31, 2008]

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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