Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

DocuMemory: A Bibliography


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Dziga Vertov, cutting film sequence in Man with the Movie Camera 1929
Dziga Vertov, Man with a Movie Camera (1929)

A. Documentary Film

100 Années Lumière. Retrospéctive de l’oeuvre documentaire des grands cinéastes français de Louis Lumière jusqu’à nos jours. Paris: Ministère des affaires étrangères, 1991

Making Forest of Bliss Robert Gardner Intention Circumstance and Chance in Nonfiction Film
Robert Gardner, Making Forest of Bliss

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Jonathan Kahana ed The Documentary Film Reader
The Documentary Film Reader

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B. Ethnographic Film & Visual Anthropology

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C. Archives & Archival Film

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Blind Librarian
The Librarian of Babel

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D. Video & Self-Portrait Media

Self-Portrait theory books: Raymond Bellour, L'Entre-images | Between the Images and Michel Beaujour, Miroirs d'encre: Rhétorique de l'autoportrait | Poetics of the Literary Self-Portrait
Bellour and Beaujour: Les deux maîtres

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E. Rhetoric & the Art of Memory

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Giordano Bruno, “Memory System” from De umbris idearum, Paris, 1582 (Yates, 1966)

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Walter J Ong, Ramus Method and the Decay of Dialogue
Walter J. Ong, Ramus: Method and the Decay of Dialogue

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F. Genre Evolution & Essay Film

kinowahrheit bitomski
Hartmut Bitomsky, Kinowahrheit

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Harun Farocki, Diagrams

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chris marker commentaires 2
Chris Marker, Commentaires 2

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Marker, Chris. Commentaires 2. Paris: Seuil, 1967.

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Vertov Snow Farocki

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Concept and Research: Daniel L Potter. All rights reserved.

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory
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