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2012 Year of the Dragon


The tradition continues. Last year—it seems like yesterday—we received the Year of the Cat virtual postcard, with the Wikileaks theme. In 2010, it was the Year of the Tiger, as the beast came after a fleeing flying Guillaume, with the tagline “Best Wishes, Considering.” In 2009, it was a crocodile surfacing from a drowned future Copenhagen of 3009 and the failure to deal with global warming, with Guillaume flying by in a mini time-travel ship. This year...

The Year of the Cat


So this came in by catmail. Going through the archives, I found a 2010 “Year of the Tiger” image, a 2009 image posing as a 3009 time travel postcard after the flood [“Souvenir de Conenhague,” the city underwater with Guillaume in a time travel capsule doing a fly-by], and a 2006 “Year of the Underdog [Snoopy 1951]” image. It seems we have a tradition on our hands, though gaps are to be expected. We wish all the cats under the...

Wikileaks Dit Tout Sur Guillaume


This portent of breaking news came to our catmail account, a sole image bearing the title “GEE NObs.”
Les contenus exacts, des révélations sans doutes scandaleuses, sont actuellement pas disponisbles… Guillaume lui-même, tiré ici à ce qu’il paraît par les paparazzi, n’en dit rien.

L’Archipel Fantôme: An Appreciation


Thanks to Quentin D. for alerting us to a fascinating poem-image collage narrative entitled L’Archipel Fantôme, set in the virtual space of Second Life, one of many lives known to the transmigrating cat. Though veiled with  elegant self-effacement, this rêverie bears the signature, to our senses, of the master’s hand, mind and spirit (though it is not his own, as we have learned post-post). The story presents a kind of back and forth play of images and...

Guillaume’s Adieu & the Disorder of Time


Prompted out of a kind of suspended time of my own by several emails from Christophe Payet, “journaliste pigiste,”  I found my one-d and zeroed way to the above image on poptronics’  site, and thought about the strange swirling of time, the wounds of time as they might possibly exist in the New Year within the being named Chris Marker. I wandered simultaneously upon a passage in Roberto Bolano’s 2066, which has been keeping me company late...

The Nine Lives of Guillaume-en-Égypte


The French “pop lab” – extension São Paulo – poptronics has published a special “poster-journal” edition devoted to Chris Marker, or more precisely, to his omnipresent feline parallel self, Guillaume-en-Égypte, entitled guillaume-en-égypte au brésil/no brasil (numéro 11, 10/2009). Throughout, the issue uses as background photographs, devolved to duotones, that seem to tease at revealing the working space of a cinephile, librarian, collector...

Wexner offers Chris Marker’s History of Art Postcards

chris marker history of art arnolfini postcard

Chris Marker, History of Art – 10 postcard set (OOP) While browsing the Wexner Center Chris Marker Store of late, along with the recent release of the English text of Coréennes with a letterpress cover, we came upon an additional collector’s item created by Chris Marker—a set of 10 postcards re-visiting, from a cat’s perspective, the History of Art. The set is published by Peter Blum, curator of the recent extensive gallery show of Marker’s...



Memory of the Future
Thank you to DT for bringing this prescient Guillaume moment from 6 November 2004 (!) to our attention. [See comments on post “Guillaume Sends a Message“]. This collage was originally published in Un Regard Moderne.

Within these few inches…

Within these few inches, 40 years of my life - Chris Marker

Back to that balcony at the Place de la République where all huge demonstrations have always started or ended. I manage to frame again the top portion of my old photograph. In between I have been in Japan, Korea, Bolivia, Chile. I have filmed students in Guinea-Bisseau, medics in Kosovo, Bosnian refugees, Brazilian activists, animals everywhere. I covered the first free elections in East Germany after the fall of the Wall, and I sniffed the first moments of...

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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