Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory



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Catkins Valasquez, courtesy fogblog

We received a thoughtful note from Don Livoni @ fogblog regarding his recent discovery of Chris Marker. Crafting a haunting film from stills is a discovery that evidently can be made without prior knowledge of La Jetée. It's a bit like Leibniz and Newton, albeit with a time “differential,” if you like ;). While Mr. Livoni's films (for example, “Rosie's Girls” and “DNYK Dreamer”) evoke La Jetée by the skillful sequencing of stills, they also display a stunning sense of chromatic hypersensitivity and palimpsest layering. Meanwhile, the site's motto – it is without sun, it is memory – aptly summons the spirit of Sans Soleil. Here's a bit of the note we received, a brief homage to Chris Marker's sensibilities by a new-found fan:

i love his sense of wonder at what the camera sees and what we remember. i so admire the enigmatic intellect of the narrations, the beauty of the images and the sound juxtaposition, the economy of the technique. it's all so personal and masterful, mysterious yet historically mindful. i'm looking forward to “discovering” more of his work.

If that were not enough, fogblog presents a stunning set of faux High-Renaissance portraits of (in large part) aristoc(r)atic felines: “L'Histoire des Grands Chats—Religious Leaders, generals, courtesans and clowns” which would no doubt offer a pleasing Sunday afternoon virtual museum expedition for M. Marker himself.

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  • btw, aside from our mutual felineophilia, there’s another little marker coincidence i enjoyed. i live in madeline’s vertigo neighborhood. hitchcock actually used my one-block street in one of the rear projection shots when scottie is following madeline from the brocklebank building, where she lives. i think they end up at podesta baldocchi florist, which marker visits, and which sadly has disappeared. the brocklebank building shows in the center background of the huntington park panos on fogblog.

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory
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