Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory


History of the Dialector Program


Dialector is now online at The text below is reproduced from that page. French version available there as well… HISTORY OF THE DIALECTOR PROGRAM by Agnès de Cayeux, Andrès Lozano, Annick Rivoire Sergei Murasaki, Kosinki, Stalker Sandor, Iterovich… No matter which pseudonym we use to refer to him, Chris Marker was the first‚ the first geek, the first programmer, the one who dove into computers, graphics cards, PEEKs and POKEs, who took a bite...

Chris Marker Dialector Reloaded by André Lozano – English Translation


Many thanks to Dorna Khazeni for translating André Lozano’s interesting tale of bringing Chris Marker’s Dialector to the annual Appel II Convention @ KansasFest last summer. The original article in French appears in another post here, Dialector Reloaded, or We Aren’t In Kansas City Anymore. § André Lozano headed to Kansas City (USA) July 22-27 for the annual Apple II Convention, KansasFest, and to present “Dialector,” the original...

Dialector Reloaded, or We Aren’t In Kansas City Anymore


This just in, or rather just in to my brain running one month behind, on the Dialector front – Chris Marker’s human-computer conversation program – from We’ll get the whole article translated asap. Vivent les rétrogeeks! Who knew that Marker’s resurrected early digital interactive creation DIALECTOR starred in a geekfest in Kansas City over the Summer? 14’08’14 andré lozano Comment j’ai reloadé...

Entering Level Five


More on this film to come… I am watching it multiple times and seeing what my mind can find to put down in terms of thought, the play of concepts, rumination and the like. I am finally entering Level Five. is also celebrating, if you can call it that, a hosting move – up a level – and not without its ‘game over’ moments. If you have had difficulties reaching the site in recent days, that is why. Things did not go as...

Marker on the Command Line

marker command line

Chris Marker, identification d’un geek from provisoire on Vimeo. After discovering this video on Vimeo, our attention was directed to a post on that offers additional information about Marker’s DIALECTOR program, and two additional videos that we have included below. Marker himself is quoted summarizing the project and voicing his oft-rumored disappointment at changes at Apple that truncated his playful, very personal programming. His...

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory
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