Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory


Entering Level Five


More on this film to come… I am watching it multiple times and seeing what my mind can find to put down in terms of thought, the play of concepts, rumination and the like. I am finally entering Level Five. is also celebrating, if you can call it that, a hosting move – up a level – and not without its ‘game over’ moments. If you have had difficulties reaching the site in recent days, that is why. Things did not go as...

The Cat Wants His Grin Back / Les Chats ne sont plus perchés


THE CAT WANTS HIS GRIN BACK (LES CHATS NE SONT PLUS PERCHES) from Fabien Dapvril on Vimeo. Another offering at the temple of homages chez, courtesy Cinémathèque française. Full screen recommended. July 29th, 2012. A man crosses the zone. A mysterious street painter with paws without claws, prints in the city, this passage in the offspring. So, let’s talk about Chris Marker. A short documentary by Céline Balandard & Fabien Dapvril. with...

Nom de code: C711


A mysterious homage to Chris Marker, listed on the Cinémathèque française‘ tumblr site in the ‘Les Homages’ section, with these words: A l’aube du 22ème siècle, un homme, C711, est surveillé de près par les agents du gouvernement. Il détient en effet des informations classées TOP SECRET. Il se fait suivre et les agents maitrisent la situation. Quand un violent séisme survient, C711 en profite pour disparaître. Un plan de...

The Protest of the Grinning Cat


There’s an homage video up on Vimeo that might interest Chris Marker fans. Take a look here: The Protest of the Grinning Cat – In honor of “The Case of the Grinning Cat by M.Chat.Veuille Here’s a summary of the video: In 2006, May 1 was chosen by mostly Latino immigrant groups in the United States as the day for the Great American Boycott , a general strike of undocumented immigrant workers and supporters to protest HR 4437, immigration...

The Aural Zone


Echo Chamber: Listening to La Jetée by criterioncollection I’ve always been fascinated with the soundtrack of La Jetée, and indeed the enigmatic, complex soundtracks Chris Marker crafted throughout his long career. Here’s a short video essay to be found in YouTube’s ‘criterioncollection’ channel that delves into this aspect with insightful detail. The film was written & narrated by Michael Koresky, produced & edited by...

An Owl is an Owl is an Owl


From Chris Marker’s collection Bestiaire aka Petit Bestiaire (1990), consisting of three ‘video haikus’:
Chat écoutant la musique – 2:47 min, color, sound
An Owl is an Owl is an Owl – 3:18 min, color, sound
Zoo Piece – 2:42 min, color, sound

The Panoptic Exodus


“He always said that even the best actor knows that the camera is pointed at him, and that the spontaneity, the innocence, the beauty of expression on a face cannot be truly captured except when the person is not conscious of being photographed.”Peter Blum Panopticon – Jeremy Benthem First off, there’s the lingering taste of an assumption that borders on what once was called by the dialecticians of enlightenment the ‘jargon of...

Agnès Varda in the Atelier


« Le désordre de son atelier est magnifique. » Episode 1 of “Agnès de ci de là Varda” on gives viewers a rare glimpse into Chris Marker’s atelier, replete with audio-visual & computer equipment, books, clippings, cats & owls, totemic miscellanea, and a bit of the voice-off of Marker himself. Here is an endless sprawl of creation out of the personal archive, the living space of the magnetic bible continuously remembering...

KINO + iDead


This video, “KINO”—subtitled “A short history of cinema”—appeared on Chris Marker’s Kosinki YouTube channel on October 5th.

Two days later, we receive another Kosinki video, on the mass media response to the bardo-traversing of Steve Jobs. Long live the archive and the archivist.

Guillaume’s Conclusion


I had always been convinced that in my small essays, the untold part was more meaningful…”
Chris Marker, Passengers
IMAGINE. Chris Marker’s enigmatic video of August 24, 2011, the day of Steve Jobs’ resignation, sent to some friends and associates without comment, in an email entitled “Guillaume’s Conclusion.”

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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