Cineaste Issue & Icarus Films Flier

Thanks to Cineaste magazine for sending along a copy of their recent issue [Vol. XXXIII No. 4] featuring an illuminating article by Chris Marker: “The Last Bolshevik: Reminiscences of Alexander Ivanovich,” a lead article by Adrian Martin entitled “Chris Marker: Notes in the Margin of His Time,” and Martin’s compiled resources “Some Key Chris Marker Films on DVD (Plus Some Other Works and Resources).”

On the cover is a small Guillaume graphic stating in the perennial thought bubble: INSIDE : A FEW THINGS ABOUT CHRIS MARKER, followed by another one: BUT MAINLY ABOUT ME. This familiar feline figure (a monogram, of sorts) sits above the left shoulder* of Penélope Cruz – not a bad spot.

Cineaste avec Guillaume

Cineaste was nice enough to also include a new glossy sell-sheet from Icarus Films presenting the recent Chris Marker DVD releases, which we’ve taken the liberty of turning into a pdf for download here.

Icarus Films Chris Marker DVDs

More about the Marker article on Alexander Medvedkin soon…

* “‘For, although it has the same shape, the right hand is stronger (fortior) than the left; likewise, the right shoulder is stronger than the left in motion, although the left is stronger for carrying weight; and likewise the right foot is stronger in motion, but the left stronger in standing fixed.'” [Thomas Aquinas, quoted John Freccero, Dante: The Poetics of Conversion [36]

3 thoughts on “Cineaste Issue & Icarus Films Flier

  1. Wasn’t this article already printed in Positif?

    New book on Marker available in France; I got it this morning.

  2. blindlibrarian says:

    Thanks for the note on the new book. Excellent title, will have to order. Re. the article, do you know which year/# of Positif?

  3. Sorry, but I got confused… The Marker article is the one on with his commentary for his Tarkovsky documentary.
    Positif N°481 March 2001

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