Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

Chris Marker 1 Mai 2009

Chris Marker video taping on the 1st of May 2009 in Paris - videogram Catherine Banks
Screenshot from Chris Marker 1er mai 2009 Paris

Update Nov 2018: From Catherine Banks’ TRANSPORTS series on Vimeo. Navigate to Chris Marker 1er mai 2009, as the video is no longer configured to be shared or embedded. It can, however, still be viewed on Vimeo. Thanks Catherine for capturing this amazing sequence. I hope you turn on embedding/sharing, but I can understand why you may not want to.

Marker, the consummate photo-hunter, has his role reversed on him. After all the successful avoidances of being in front of the camera, there is some poetic justice is seeing him tracked unaware (perhaps, until the end) of the developing situation, to see him move cat-like through the crowd, ever-attentive, the eyes of the master on the lookout, wearing his trusty converse sneakers… In this way, as he says of the photo-hunter, he is made everlasting.

“La photo, c’est la chasse, c’est l’instinct de chasse sans l’envie de tuer. C’est la chasse des anges… On traque, on vise, on tire et — clac! au lieu d’un mort, on fait un éternel.”

“The photo is the hunt, it’s the instinct of hunting without the desire to kill. It’s the hunt of angels. You trail, you aim, you fire and — clic! — instead of a dead man, you make him everlasting.”

Chris Marker, Commentaires 2, 87
Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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