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Chris Marker, Never Explain, Never Complain @ DOXA

There is a new film out entitled Chris Marker, Never Explain, Never Complain, by Jean-Marie Barbe & Arnaud Lambert. The film is to be shown as part of the 2017 DOXA Festival called “French, French” taking place 4-14 Mai 2017 at the Cinémathèque in Vancouver, BC, and will move to theh Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley after that (not sure of dates yet). For the news and the PDF of the DOXA press booklet I am grateful to Christine van Assche.

The festival will show recent French documentary films alongside a selection of Marker’s work, including Une Journée d’Andrei Arsenevitch, Le Souvenir d’un avenir, Chats perchés, Le Tombeau d’Alexandre, Le Fond de l’air est rouge, and L’Héritage de la chouette.

The program is curated by Thierry Garrel. If you dig a bit, you can find a Marker-related essay by Garrel on the DOXA site called “Two Cats, An Owl and a Lot of Nice Human Beings.” Garell writes:

As an opening to this retrospective, Chris Marker, Never Explain, Never Complain (2016), by Jean-Marie Barbe and Arnaud Lambert, portrays the cinéaste and his works through the testimonies of seven people who knew him and worked with him – including Wim Wenders, Patricio Guzman, and … yours truly, as I had the privilege to collaborate on the production side while working for French Television at INA, La Sept and ARTE, with all the films presented!

Here’s the text from the program on the new bio-essay-doc:

Chris Marker, Never Explain, Never Complain

Jean-Marie Barbe & Arnaud Lambert, France, 2016, 144mn

La vie et l’oeuvre de Chris Marker pourraient remplir plusieurs volumes — même un train de marchandises ! — mais Jean-Marie Barbe et Arnaud Lambert les brossent allègrement en tout juste 144 minutes. En répondant à la question : “Qui est Chris Marker ?”, chacun de leurs interlocuteurs convoquent à chaque fois un univers et des réalités différentes. Comme Wim Wenders, qui s’est saoulé à mort avec Marker dans un bar de Tokyo : “Cette nuit à La Jetée, nous avons parlé, parlé, mais nous avons bu tant de sake et de vodka… que j’ai presque tout oublié”. Ou André S. Labarthe, qui résume : “c’était un esprit libre.” Ce qui est sûr, c’est que tout au long de sa carrière, Marker ne s’est jamais satisfait de n’être qu’un ni de ne faire qu’une seule chose. Écrivain, cinéaste, photographe, érudit, dessinateur, amoureux des chats – on ne saurait le qualifier en un mot. Sinon peut-être : génie.

The life and work of Chris Marker could easily fill several documentary portraits, maybe even several freight trains, but directors Jean-Marie Barbe and Arnaud Lambert have kept it to a brisk 144 minutes. “Who is Chris Marker?” — is the question posed by the directors/interlocutors, and every answer reveals a different reality. Some of the recollections are funny and bittersweet, such as Wim Wenders getting blind drunk with Marker at a bar in Tokyo. “That night at La Jetée is the time when we talked most, but we drank so much sake and vodka that we forgot most of it,” says Wenders. As André S. Labarthe states simply: “He was a free spirit.” One thing is clear, over the length of his career, Marker was never content to do or be only one thing. Writer, filmmaker, photographer, polymath, cartoonist, cat lover — there is no single term that quite suffices. Except, perhaps, genius. -DW

Download Program (PDF)

Check out the DOXA site for more information.

Here’s the page for the Chris Marker retrospective.

According to the DOXA site, “Jean-Marie Barbe is the president of Tënk, the first online platform dedicated solely to auteur documentary. The goal is to provide access to the very best in nonfiction cinema to the widest possible audience. Tënk’s curatorial team of discerning documentary professionals selects films, drawn from festivals, and organizes them thematically.” [source]

Arnaud Lambert is no newcomer to Chris Marker investigations. He is the author of the brilliant, comprehensive volume – in French despite its English title – Also Known as Chris Marker, published in 2013 by LePointduJour.

The Eloquent No of Chris Marker

Letter from Chris Marker to Paul Chan

Direct link to YouTube video:

In October of 2010, I emailed Chris to ask him if he was interested in taking part in a special issue of eflux journal that the art critic Sven Lütticken and I were editing. The issue focused on whether contemporary art had or had not addressed the rise of right-wing populism in Europe, the US and elsewhere, and how these largely nationalistic, homophobic and xenophobic movements impacted culture and arts. With the ascendency of the Tea Party, Sven and I wondered whether it was possible to chart a genealogy of right-wing groups on both sides of the Atlantic, and to illuminate their familial relations. Anything would do I wrote, I asked Chris – a text, an image, even an animated gif. … Two months later, he replied.

Hi Paul:
Sorry for the delay, I couldn’t have met the deadline anyway. At an age when people care for their eternal salvation or go fishing – which is not incompatible – I have managed to put on my shoulders more daily work than I ever have in my life. But I gave a lot of thought to your proposal, and sadly I must say that it doesn’t make any real sense. For yes, the Tea Party is an isolated event. There’s a mixture of bigotry, estrangement and crass ignorance that is unique in the world, and that is as idiosyncratically American as country music or Kentucky Fried Chicken.

True, there are in Europe movements that are nationalistic, homophobic, xenophobic, etc., and we’re watching their rise with concern. None of them fits the ideological vacuum of the Tea Partiers, characters like Sarah Palin or Glen Beck, who are just as unimaginable in Europe’s politics. In France, the most dangerous leader of the extreme right, Le Pen, a cultured man who can debate geo-political issues on the same level as his opponents. The shroud of religiosity that wraps the whole TP movement, and US politics at large, is something unknown here, where the separation of church and state is the cornerstone of the Republic. Unthinkable to hear a public personality pronounce “So help me God”. Even racism has different roots. It relates here to the colonial empire and the Algerian war, not slavery and Jim Crow, and its expressions are strongly controlled.

I saw plates and badges depicting Obama as a monkey with a banana. Anyone here who would dare use such imagery would be severely punished by law. As if for the main topic of the TPs, the traditional American defiance against central government, it’s in complete contradiction to what the European extreme rightest movements, who without exception are in favor of a stronger state.

I can go on and on like this on practically every characteristic, so the only possible comparison would be at the lowest levels: all are evil, and all include an impressive number of morons. Not much for food, methinks. Sorry for this long explanation of my own inability to participate — all that representing only my private views of course – and no intent on discouraging anyone to push the comparisons deeper and surely better. But well… all I could do was a frank response. Best wishes on the coming year – the Year of the Cat.
Chris Marker, letter to Paul Chan

“Sharp and generous, even when all he’s saying is ‘No.'” – Paul Chan


“What I liked about it was that someone had taken the time to paint and make owl heads on the cats.”

Chris Marker et la photographie


What: Journée d’étude | Day of Study

Title: Chris Marker et la photographie | Chris Marker and Photography

Who: Vincent Jacques, avec la participation de | with the participation of:

  • Philippe Bazin
  • Christa Blümlinger
  • Pierre Gaudin
  • Vincent Jacques
  • François Niney
  • Bamchade Pourvali

When: samedi 28 mai 2016 | Saturday May 28th, 2016 – Institut national d’histoire de l’art (INHA), Salle Vasari | 2, rue Vivienne – 75002 Paris

Additional information at la recherche en littérature &

Chris Marker et la photographie

Organisation scientifique : Vincent Jacques (ENSA Versailles / LéaV)

Samedi 28 mai 2016 à 10h

Salle Vasari, Institut national d’histoire de l’art (INHA), 2 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris

S’il s’est fait mondialement reconnaître comme cinéaste grâce à des films comme La Jetée, Le fond de l’air est rouge ou Sans Soleil, le cinéma et la vidéo n’épuisent pas la pratique de l’image de Chris Marker. En effet, une constante de son oeuvre consiste en l’usage de la photographie. Entre 1956 où il publie son premier portfolio Clair de Chine dans la revue Esprit et l’exposition Passengers à New York dans les galeries de Peter Blum en 2011, il aura pratiqué le genre à intervalle régulier et publié cinq recueils de photo, Les Coréennes (1959), La Renfermée. La Corse (1981), Le Dépays (1982), Staring Back (2007) et Passengers (2011). Quatre de ces recueils sont accompagnés d’un texte de l’auteur (La Corse est écrit par Marie Susini) : comme c’est le cas dans toute la production de Marker, quel que soit le médium, la photographie participe d’une démarche plus large que l’exploitation d’une seule modalité d’expression.

Notre journée d’étude se propose donc d’aborder l’oeuvre par le biais de la photographie, c’est-à-dire d’étudier le travail photographique de Marker en lui-même et dans le cadre d’une démarche plus générale. Soulignons d’emblée que ce travail n’a jamais vraiment été entrepris, les textes sur Marker étant quasi exclusivement consacrés à ses films tandis que les histoires de la photographie contemporaine font systématiquement l’impasse sur cette part de l’oeuvre. L’approche du travail photographique de Marker se fera selon trois axes. 1- Analyser comment l’auteur brouille la limite entre les genres (cinéma, essai, installation, jeux vidéo…) dans une recherche constante de nouvelles articulations entre l’image et le texte. 2- Étudier comment se construisent les séries de photographies en vue d’écrire et de réécrire en permanence la mémoire du siècle, à la lisière de l’intime et du collectif. 3- Aborder la question du traitement informatique de l’image photographique : quels sont les enjeux des manipulations opérées grâce aux logiciels de retouche numérique qui deviennent la marque de fabrique des dernières photos de Marker ?


•10h-10h15 | Accueil des participants
•10h15-11h | Philippe Bazin (École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Dijon) : « Les transports de Chris Marker. À propos de Passengers ».
•11h-11h45 | Christa Blümlinger (Université Paris 8, ESTCA) : « L’attraction du Musée. Notes sur Chris Marker ».
11h45-12h : Pause
•12h-12h45 | Pierre Gaudin (École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles) : « La photographie filmée comme document-matière et document-mémoire chez Chris Marker : prise de vue photographique et montage cinématographique ».
12h45-14h45 : Pause déjeuner
•14h45-15h30 | Vincent Jacques (École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles, LEAV) : « Floue, lisse, pliée : métamorphoses de la photo chez Chris Marker ».
•15h30-16h15 | François Niney (La Fémis, IRCAV) : « Un battement de cil, un battement de coeur : photo animée et photogramme arrêté, le “cinémarker” entre reprise et suspens du temps ».
16h15-16h30 : Pause
•16h30-17h15 | Bamchade Pourvali (Université de Paris Est-Marne la Vallée) : « Philosophie de la photographie et mise en page chez Chris Marker ».
17h30 : Fin de la journée