Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory


CinémAction n°165 – Chris Marker : pionnier et novateur


Thanks to Chris Darke for alerting us to this new publication with some familiar names contributing articles to CinémAction 165: Chris Marker: pionnier et novateure. L’interactivité filmique, initiée de manière radicale dès 1950, permet d’appréhender une démarche polyphonique qui n’a cessé de montrer et commenter l’histoire du XXe siècle. Ciné-voyageur, Chris Marker reste, de fait, pionnier et novateur dans toute une série de domaines ici explorés. L’originalité de...

Studio: A Remembrance of Chris Marker – Bartos, McCabe, Lerner


Marker Studio, 2007 © Adam Bartos He inferred that persons desiring to train this faculty (of memory) must select places and form mental images of the things they wish to remember and store those images in the places, so that the order of the places will preserve the order of the things, and the images of the things will denote the things themselves, and we shall employ the places and images respectively as a wax writing-tablet and the letters written on it...

Philippe Dubois, “La Jetée de Chris Marker ou le cinématogramme de la conscience”


I’m seaching still for the full text of this presentation, published in Théorème 6: Recherches sur Chris Marker (Paris, Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle, 2002), and whose table of contents were published here a while back. Hopefully it might be available still somewhere, as it contains a great selection of texts on Marker. An excerpt follows, and then a link to the presentation (no embed code was available). “La Jetée” de Chris Marker ou le...

You Only Live Twice Set at La Jetée’s Orly Airport


You Only Live Twice: Sex, Death and Transition By Chase Joynt and Mike Hoolboom Coach House, 152 pages, $14.95 On the day of French director Chris Marker’s death, two movie artists meet at the Orly Airport. It’s a place of professional interest, since Marker, a favourite New Wave cineaste, set a pivotal scene in his 1962 film, La Jetée, here. The film involves time travel such that in this particular scene the protagonist witnesses his own death, and so for trans...

L’An 2000 : Chris Marker Book Design


I betrayed Gutenberg for McLuhan a long time ago.Chris Marker Thanks to Christophe Chazalon, master archivist over at, for Christmas in June; CH2 sent a collection of images – page spreads from a curious volume entitled L’An 2000: une anti-histoire de la fin du monde, published in 1975 by Gallimard.  Like 2084, 4001, 3009, 2058, Bolaño’s 2066 (& La Jetée‘s un-numbered future dates), here we find more time travels from the late...

Chris Marker Commentaires : English Translation Coming


I’m not sure of the publisher or publication date, but I learned today via the following essay of this project, which is a joy to contemplate. More as more is revealed, bien sûr, and heartfelt congratulations to Sergey Levchin, yet another longtime Chris Marker fan emerging with an essential project. Scanned copies of the out-of-print originals are available at the end of the post for download. Levchin’s article on the translation project was published...

A Grin Without a Cat – Whitechapel Catalogue Arrives


The Whitechapel catalogue has arrived. It is a wonderful work of art and scholarship. For now, here is a scan of the cover along with the table of contents, plus a pdf of front and back covers and a link to Whitechapel’s shop. Table of Contents Forward by Magnus af Petersens and Iwona Blazwick Chris Marker, the Time of the World by Christine Van Assche Statues Also Die: THE MUSEUM Petite Planète: TRAVELOGUES At the Sign of the Black Cat by Chris Darke...

Researching Early Chris Marker Writings in the Esprit Archives


For those interested in Chris Marker’s postwar writings published in Esprit, it has up until recently been a tricky research endeavor. I remember scouring the archives held at Cornell University around 1990, pulling down dusty Esprit issues dating back to the Forties and searching for hints of Marker’s authorship, such as the initials C.M. appended to certain pièces d’ocassion, minutiae really but part of the story of Marker as an author, as an...

Image [&] Narrative Issues Chris Marker v2


The second installment in a series of articles devoted to the work of Chris Marker has been released by the online journal Image [&] Narrative, Vol. 11, No. 1 (2010). The journal, with abstracts and pdfs of each article, is available at Below is a list of articles. Thematic Cluster Introduction – Peter Kravanja The Imaginary in the Documentary Image: Chris Marker’s Level Five – Christa Blümlinger Montage, Militancy...

Image & Narrative Chris Marker Issue


Thanks to Quentin D. for alerting us to the presence of two online collections of articles on Chris Marker. The first is an edition of IMAGE & NARRATIVE, v.10.3 (2009) offering a ‘thematic cluster’ of essays ranging from thought-images to video memory to micrology, with inspirations from and applications to Deleuze, Adorno, Warburg, Tarkovsky and Benjamin. Both abstracts and full pdfs are available for viewing and download. The second collection is...

Wexner Offers A Farewell to Movies


Now available at The Wexner Center for the Arts’ Chris Marker online store, A Farewell to Movies | Abschied vom Kino, ed. Andres Janser, the catalog for the Chris Marker exhibition at Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, 2008. The catalog is 162 x 108 mm, 64 pages, 38 b/w ill., with texts in German and English.   Related posts: Chris Marker – A Farewell to Movies Wexner offers Chris Marker’s History of Art Postcards Wexner Center Offers Chris Marker...



A couple of blasts from the past came to town this weekend, one bringing the other. Dirk K., a longtime Chris Marker fan, touched base and we met for extended coffee and cigarettes, like a Jim Jarmusch outtake scene. DK brought a gift of utmost rarity: a hardcover copy of the 1950 Club francais du livre’s reprinting of Le Coeur net (Roman de Chris Marker, Préface de Jean Cayrol), numbered 1618 out of 3000. The novel, Marker’s first (La Jetée, being a...

La Jetée Back in Print


MIT Press and Zone Books have announced the re-printing of the book version of Chris Marker’s La Jetée ciné-roman, originally published in 1996 but out of print for some time (imperfect memory, as promised). J.G. Ballard’s quote on the inner flap – applicable as it happens to his own “strange and poetic” work – has always struck me as on the mark: This strange and poetic film, a fusion of science fiction, psychological fable and...

Au Lecteur


Le texte ne commente pas plus les images que les images n’illustrent le texte. Ce sont deux séries de séquences à qui il arrive bien évidemment de se croiser et de se faire signe, mais qu’il serait inutilement fatigant d’essayer de confronter. Qu’on veuille donc bien les prendre dans le désordre, la simplicité et le dédoublement, comme il convient de prendre toutes choses au Japon. – Chris Marker, “Avertissement au lecteur,” Le...

Truly Rare


Marker stuff is funny that way, we’ve become so used to the accessibility afforded by electronic consumer culture… it’s a shock when certain things are truly rare, whether in physical or even virtual form. markertext Here’s the text from the back cover, filled to the brim with the inimitable style and signature of Chris Marker – sparkling wit, parody, irony and pure humour; literary and historical ricochets in all directions; and genre-bending meanderings –...

“I Have Done What I Designed”


Michel de Montaigne And also for this design of mine ’tis convenient for me to write at home, in a wild country, where I have nobody to assist or relieve me; where I hardly see a man who understands the Latin of his Pater noster, and of French as little, if not less. I might have it better elsewhere, but then the work would have been less my own; and its principal end and perfection is to be exactly mine. I readily correct an accidental error, of which I am...

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