Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory


The Binocular-Glasses of La Jetée

The binocular glasses of La Jetée - lunettes-jumelles La Jétee

Les Lunettes-Jumelles de La Jetée, courtesy Cinémathèque française, 2019 The remarkable, intimidating glasses of Marker’s chez-d’oeuvre La Jetée — which added so much nuance to the terror-ridden environment of the memory experiment — have been unearthed recently by the Cinémathèque française, and presented in a post by Hervé Pichard. The glasses were a gift to the Cinémathèque from the daughter of Pierre Joffroy. Joffroy played the chief torturer...

Hillary Radner & Alistair Fox publish Raymond Bellour: Cinema and the Moving Image

Book on Raymond Bellour film theory

Raymond Bellour, while one of the most influential early theorists of cinema and the moving image, remains less well known among contemporary film scholars than he should be, even though he has exerted a formative influence on the field at large. One reason for this neglect is that his work is scattered across a myriad of essays published in French, the majority of which have not been translated into English.

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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