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Ouvroir the Movie by Chris Marker


It is recommended you play OUVROIR at full screen. While it will be a bit pixelated as the movie is not HD, the experience is more immersive nonetheless. Here’s a bit of edifying commentary by Film Comment:“Site Specifics: Chris Marker and Second Life”By Jesse P. FinneganSource: There’s just no other way to say this: Chris Marker has built a museum in the sky of Second Life. That’s right, Second Life—the vast virtual realm, which since 2003 has...

Chris Marker L´Ouvroir Part 1


The following three videos, taken deep within Marker/Guillaume territorealities of Second Life, were made available on YouTube this month by a user named FITEIROCULTURAL from Argentina. As the initial credits state, we are witness to “a visit with Millagrosa Vella and Gianni Motti’s assistant, for Fiteiro Cultural on SL and Casa Millagrosa, directed by Haveyouseen Lubitsch for Michel Favre.” To see if we can have some fun here, we call on readers...

Odds & Ends


Some Chris Marker news, video and views that have come to light of late... These include the republication of Marker's masterful 1959 book Coréennes; a trailer from the Centre Pompidou's 2013 retrospective, featuring a parade of elephants; and finally, a stunning collection of photographs of the Cinémathèque française 2018 Chris Marker Exhibition design — giving a sense of the visitor experience via photos of the spatial design, signage and viewing spaces.

CinémAction n°165 – Chris Marker : pionnier et novateur


CinémAction – Chris Marker: pionnier et novateur Thanks to Chris Darke for alerting us to this new publication with some familiar names contributing articles to CinémAction 165: Chris Marker: pionnier et novateure. L’interactivité filmique, initiée de manière radicale dès 1950, permet d’appréhender une démarche polyphonique qui n’a cessé de montrer et commenter l’histoire du XXe siècle. Ciné-voyageur, Chris Marker reste, de fait...

Lucien Bookmite Records Second Life Interactions with Sergei Murasaki


Published by and © poptronics with additional visual materials: < 05’12’13 > L’Ouvroir, souvenirs d’une maison flottante, repères 182-69-39 Lucien Bookmite a croisé la route de Sergei Murasaki, l’avatar de Chris Marker sur Second Life dès 2008. C’est à cette époque que le Museum fur Gestaltung Zürich, qui consacrait une exposition au cinéaste documentariste, lui avait proposé d’investir ce monde 3D multi-utilisateurs. Chris Marker avait imaginé...

State of the Estate II: The Glorious Shambles


In the middle, on the balcony, the tree has grown, just a little.Chris Marker Though the article cited below focuses on the archive of Jacques Demy acquired by the Cinémathèque française, this interview, part two of a series between journalist Louis Guichard and the Cinémathèque’s head Serge Toubiana, takes a fascinating if brief detour into the case of the estate of Chris Marker. If it sounds like there’s a mystery novel in there somewhere, there is...

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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