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One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich by Chris Marker


Chris Marker writes what is reproduced below in extreme modesty, given the depth of his film: its astute insights into Tarkovsky’s film language & signature motifs, its palpable emotional presence that embues the intimate family scenes, his empathetic camera and commentary. He is not an outsider here; he is family too in Tarkovsky’s largesse as Marker captures a home movie of the reunion of Andrei Arsenevich’s family after five years of...

Happy Birthday (Belated) Chris Marker


I am remiss. I write from the road, thinking of Chris Marker, the most famous of unknown filmmakers, having just seen a comment from John P noting the missing birthday wishes on the 29th of July. So it is belated and a bit melancholic that I send out whispers to the higher worlds where Marker’s soul is no doubt off on new expeditions, having completed more of a life all across the Earth than can be put into words. I am reminded too of the once annual event of...

Happy Birthday Chris Marker


Bon anniversaire Chris! What else is there to say? Everything’s been said. Birth and death like an oroborous, the legendary snake eating its tail, where the date July 29, 1921 superimposes itself on another date, July 29, 2012. The two dates merge in an origami fold. Inside the fold is an extraordinary life and a wealth of extraordinary works. Inside is a cat, stretching its paws to the sound emanating from the speakers, a cat reclining on a keyboard. Inside...

Happy 90th Birthday Chris Marker!


As has become a mini-tradition, we would like to extend a very happy birthday to Chris Marker (a day belated). Marker is now 90 years old and continues to intrigue and inspire, gather new interest among younger generations, and appear on the cultural radar globally—most recently with Les Rencontres d’Arles’ annual photography exhibition, the release of One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich on DVD, and the Passengers exhibition in New York at the...

The Second Life of Chris Marker


Presented below is the official press release distributed by The Harvard Film Archive for its upcoming film series and live event. You can also view the program at the HFA site. THE HARVARD FILM ARCHIVE PRESENTS THE SECOND LIFE OF CHRIS MARKER MAY 9 – MAY 16, 2009 CAMBRIDGE, MA: The Harvard Film Archive is thrilled to host a virtual event with legendary filmmaker Chris Marker titled THE SECOND LIFE OF CHRIS MARKER, on May 16. The event, which will take place in the...

Marker’s Gesture by Raymond Bellour

Owls at Noon Chris Marker - Zone Kiss

On Chris Marker, Owls at Noon Prelude: The Hollow Men Owls at Noon – Enter the Zone Published in Adrian Martin and Raymond Bellour. Chris Marker: Owls at Noon. Prelude: The Hollow Men. Brisbane, Australia: Institute of Modern Art, 2008, 13-19. Translated by Adrian Martin How to — over 40 years after La Jetée (1962), almost as long after If I Had Four Camels (1966) — once again work with still images, and put them into paradoxical movement? And not, as in the...

Marina Vlady: Chris Marker, Tarkovsky et L’amitié

Tarkovsky Sacrifice wide angle

Exposition Chris Marker – Marina Vlady from La Cinémathèque française on Vimeo. « Chris Marker aimait beaucoup les cinéastes russes, notamment Andreï Tarkovski, dont il était l’admirateur et l’ami, et qu’il a filmé chez moi, dans les derniers jours de sa vie. Il lui a d’ailleurs permis de finir son dernier film, Le Sacrifice : c’est lui qui a apporté toute la technique chez moi, pour que Tarkovski puisse finir le...

Chris + Andrei


Chris Marker at the funeral of Andrei Tarkovsky Chris Marker at the funeral of Andrei Arsenevich Tarkovsky. Les deux maîtres. It is au revoir not adieu, one may only hope. If rockstars can reunite in heaven, why not filmmakers? Imagine a film that combines the already fathomless treasures of La Jetée and Stalker… In a wonderful article on the Tate Museum site, Robert Bird rightly emphasizes the metaphysical (I would say spiritual) presence in both Tarkovsky’s...

Chris Marker Films – Distribution


Under construction…  Argos Films Contact Information Argos Films :56, rue Perronet92200 Neuilly sur Seine – FranceTel : +33 1 4722 9126President: Florence Daumanflodau@icloud.comManaging Director: Raphaël Head of Libraries and technical delivery: Ellen...

BAM Presents Chris Marker Retrospective


Sorry for the late notice. I have been staring at my to do list with this extraordinary retrospective at the Brooklyn Academy of Music with glazed eyes, hesitating. Hesitate and you’re lost. I was lost. But kudos to those who found their way to BAM for these essential Chris Marker films. Hopefully this note in a bottle will reach land in time for a few to catch the remaining screenings. The last time I was at BAM it was for Terry Riley. What a fantastic...

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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