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A Trip Down Immemory Lane


Found on YouTube in the Guillaume-en-Egypte channel, this is a video, independently produced and uploaded in 2017, of the playing of an interactive CD-Rom, Immemory, created by Chris Marker originally in 1997.

Immemory by Chris Marker


Immemory Liner notes from original English edition of Immemory, 1997. In our moments of megalomaniacal reverie, we tend to see our memory as a kind of history book: we have won and lost battles, discovered empires and abandoned them. At the very least we are the characters of an epic novel (“Quel roman que ma vie!” said Napoleon). A more modest and perhaps more fruitful approach might be to consider the fragments of memory in terms of geography.1 In...

Wexner Offers Immemory


Wexner Center for the Arts has added the re-release of Immemory: A CD-Rom by Chris Marker, published by Exact Change, to their online store. For more information, you can visit their Chris Marker Store. In Immemory, Chris Marker has used the format of the CD-Rom to create a multi-layered, multimedia memoir. The reader investigates “zones” of travel, war, cinema, and poetry, navigating through photographs, film clips, music, and text, as if physically...

Immemory Re-released by Exact Change


Exact Change* has re-released Chris Marker’s CD-ROM Immemory for OS X. This is great news, as the earlier versions (both the French original and the port by Exact Change to English) were unplayable on “modern” Macs and thereby stuck in kind a technological cul-de-sac, languishing. (The background to this lies, at least in part, in the history of Marker’s beloved multimedia authoring tool Hyperstudio, but that’s another story). It...

Understanding Immemory with a little help from Raymond Bellour


PART I: PUBLICATION Title: Immemory Platform: CD-ROM for MacOS and Windows PC Production: Coproduction Centre Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne / Les films de l’Astrophore Edition: Direction des Editions du Centre Pompidou Date: © 1998 Recommended Price: 295 FF (44,97) Publisher’s Notes (from website): “Chris Marker organise les fragments marquants de son oeuvre et de sa vie sous forme de “zones” interactives concernant le...

Immemory Review Quotes


Chris Marker has a brilliant mind and heart and appetite for life, and it’s a privilege to travel with him to whatever he chooses to remember and to evoke. He is one of cinema’s all time greats – the most important reflective or non-narrative filmmaker after Dziga Vertov.Susan Sontag Immemory is a contribution to the ars memoriae that, once experienced, will prove difficult to forget. Yet because of its multiple paths, its forking, hypertextual...

Raymond Bellour, «L’Archiviste»

Chris Marker - Cinematheque catalogue

CHRIS MARKER, Catalog, © Cinémathèque française, 2018, 104-109 Parmi les mots qu’on accumule allègrement pour qualifier le génie protéiforme de Chris Marker (romancier, essayiste, éditeur, critique, cinéaste, vidéaste, dessinateur, artiste multimedia, musicien même), il en est un qui manque, et serait la condition de tous les autres: archiviste. Marker en a peut-être suggéré la règle, en passant, comme il fait toute chose, au début de l’acte IV de Sans...

CHRIS MARKER – The Cinémathèque Catalog

Chris Marker - Cinematheque catalogue

Publisher: Cinémathèque française, 2018ISBN: 978-2-330-01569-5 Direction d’ouvrage: Raymond Bellour, Jean-Michel Frodon et Christine Van AsscheEn collaboration avec Florence Tissot Editeur: David Lestringant Table of Contents Chronologie Florence Tissot Introduction Raymond Bellour, Jean-Michel Frodon et Christine Van Assche I – Ouverture Florence Delay — L’invention de Marker II — Guerre, après-guerre Jean Michel Frodon — 1939-1946, fragments...



SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2014 “Koreans”, Peter Blum Gallery, New York “Crow’s Eye View: the Korean Peninsula”, Korean Pavilion, Giardini di Castello, Venice, Italy “Chris Marker: A Grin Without a Cat”, Whitechapel Gallery, London, England; Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, October 21, 2014 – January 11, 2015; Lunds Konsthall, Lund, February 7 – April 5, 2015 “The Hollow Men,” City Gallery Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand 2013 “Chris Marker: Guillaume-en-Égypte”, MIT List...

State of the Estate: Chris Marker’s Library, The Secret Life of Books


ÉLABORATION D’UN MODÈLE APPUYÉ SUR LE RDF DANS LE CADRE DE LA RÉALISATION D’UNE BIBLIOTHÈQUE VIRTUELLE CHRIS MARKER À LA CINÉMATHÈQUE FRANÇAISE Camille Monier interviewed by Nola N’Diaye Source: 22 DÉCEMBRE 2016 Dans le cadre de son stage de fin d’études à la Cinémathèque française, Camille Monnier, ancienne étudiante du master « Technologies numériques appliquées à l’histoire » a élaboré un modèle appuyé sur le RDF comme première pierre de...

Studio: A Remembrance of Chris Marker – Bartos, McCabe, Lerner


Marker Studio, 2007 © Adam Bartos He inferred that persons desiring to train this faculty (of memory) must select places and form mental images of the things they wish to remember and store those images in the places, so that the order of the places will preserve the order of the things, and the images of the things will denote the things themselves, and we shall employ the places and images respectively as a wax writing-tablet and the letters written on it.Cicero...

Ghost Cat: Postcards + Exhibitions


Card 5 of 15 Roma, 1956 Chris Marker, Image from Staring Back May 12-August 12, 2007 Exhibition organized by the Wexner Center for the Arts, the Ohio State University FYI, there are two postcard sets by Chris Marker that I know of. This set is from Wexner and is, I believe, out of print. The other is Chris Marker, How a grinning cat visits the HISTORY OF ART, 10 Postcards, Peter Blum Editions. This production, to my knowledge, is also no longer available...

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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