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Coréennes by Chris Marker – English Text


Coréennes by Chris Marker (Seuil, 1959) Foreword The Six Days The Two Orphans The Seven Wonders The Five Senses The Three Sisters The Nine Muses The Four Corners Coda Foreword On September 25,1866 the escort vessel Déroulède appeared in Seoul harbor. Its name implied revenge. That March, the Koreans had massacred several French missionaries in a quite revolting manner (for the time), and it was normal that the French fleet should come to punish the outrage to its...

Chris Marker Coréennes – English Text


Is there no one to keep the moon from disappearing, to tie the morning sun beneath the horizon? Then I would live one more day. (Story of Sim Chon) Due to the out of print status of the English translation of Chris Marker’s Coréennes, I have scanned my copy to make this text available to English readers. The photographs from the original French and, subsequently, Korean editions were recently on display at Peter Blum’s Gallery in New York. For those who...

Coréennes by John Fitzgerald – Chris Marker Photo Exhibition at Peter Blum Gallery


John Fitzgerald is a periodic contributor to, and we would like to extend our gratitude to him for crafting this piece for us. Previously he has written In a Train of the Métro, Passengers and A Grin Without a Cat, Lincoln Center. A question that arose toward the end of my recent visit to Peter Blum Gallery in New York to view the Chris Marker “Koreans” exhibition is illustrative of the veil of mystery that hangs over so much of his life and work...

Coréennes English Text Published


Wexner Center for the Arts continues to offer delights to Marker fans, most recently by offering an English translation of original text of Coréennes. This item, with letterpress cover and translation by Brian Holmes, ships with the purchase of the Korean version of the full book. It’s a companion piece, and bundled as such. For more information, go to the Chris Marker Store. Available only with purchase of Coréennes. Colors distributed at random. Please...

Coréennes Reprint @ Wexner


Wexner writes: “The Wexner Center Store has acquired some copies of the 2008 Korean reprint of [Chris Marker’s] Coréennes by Noonbit Publishing.” The order page provides additional information: Chris Marker: Coréennes Noonbit Publishing Korean reprint of 1959’s book of photos by Chris Marker. Over 120 black-and-white photos of North Korea with illustrations from maps, comic books, street posters and paintings. This book was the result of a trip to...

From Coréennes


transcription courtesy of: A marketplace is the Republic of things (I mean the ideal Republic, of course): the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, it is beautiful even if the details are gauche or banal. Thus the Mercato Nuovo in Florence, where every object taken separately is an offense to the spirit’s good manners, while the whole is as flamboyant and funny as a high altar. The Mercato Coreano is not so simple. “Korea,” writes Father du...

Si j’avais quatre dromadaires Coming to DVD + Publications Galore

Boite Si j'avais 4 dromedaires - Chris Marker - Les Mutins DVD

One of the films that always seemed to escape the great anthologies that we do have, in French and in English, was always Si j’avais quatre dromedaires (1966). The film is summarized as “a succession of 800 still images taken in 26 countries between 1955 and 1965, from Tokyo to Havanna, in passing through Peking, Moscow, Stockholm, Rome and Paris… commented by Chris Marker and his friends in voice-off.” [« Une succession de 800 images fixes prises dans 26 pays...

Chris Marker et la photographie


What: Journée d’étude | Day of Study Title: Chris Marker et la photographie | Chris Marker and Photography Who: Vincent Jacques, avec la participation de | with the participation of: Philippe Bazin Christa Blümlinger Pierre Gaudin Vincent Jacques François Niney Bamchade Pourvali When: samedi 28 mai 2016 | Saturday May 28th, 2016 – Institut national d’histoire de l’art (INHA), Salle Vasari | 2, rue Vivienne – 75002 Paris Additional...

Si j’avais quatre dromadaires


Composed entirely of still photographs shot by Marker himself over the course of his restless travel through twenty-six countries, If I Had Four Dromedaries stages a probing, at times agitated, search for the meanings of the photographic image.MUBI Avec ses quatre dromadaires Don Pedro d’Alfaroubeira Courut le monde et I’admira II fit ce que je voudrais faire Si j’avais quatre dromadaires. Apollinaire Marker Littéraire: Quoting & Naming La...

Nora Alter’s Chris Marker Bibliography of Primary Sources

Description of a Struggle

From Alter, Nora. Chris Marker. Urbana: Univ. of Illinois Press, 2006. Many thanks to Nora Alter. All works by Chris Marker unless otherwise noted. OCR is an inherently unstable process still. While we have gone through the bibliography line by line, there may be errors still. Please let us know if you find any remaining errors from scanning/editing. Many thanks in advance. Literary Works and Photo books “Till the end of time,” Esprit 129 {1947): 145-51...

Chris Marker Level Five English DVD Booklet by Christophe Chazalon


Chris Marker: In Search of Lost Memory Christophe Chazalon, In February 1997, Level Five was selected to represent France at the Berlin Festival, a few days before it premiered in French theaters. Its critical success was practically unanimous. Yet for the public, it was a flop. A single reason seems to have caused its failure: visual minimalism. Level Five tells the story of Laura, a woman who must finish off a video-game on the Battle of...

By Chris Marker


Read Chris Marker in his own words – Marker’s reflections on Vertigo, his short stories, prefaces to and musings on his own films, his rare interviews. These precious mind-expanding texts are the heart and soul of the site. There is much more to come, including organizing these pieces by decade so at least a rudimentary timeline can be presented. Mémoire Marker [Chris Marker’s 1998 Intro to Cinémathèque retrospective] A free replay (notes on...

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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