Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

2012 Year of the Dragon


2012 Year of the Dragon - Chris Marker + Guillaume

The tradition continues. Last year—it seems like yesterday—we received the Year of the Cat virtual postcard, with the Wikileaks theme. In 2010, it was the Year of the Tiger, as the beast came after a fleeing flying Guillaume, with the tagline “Best Wishes, Considering.” In 2009, it was a crocodile surfacing from a drowned future Copenhagen of 3009 and the failure to deal with global warming, with Guillaume flying by in a mini time-travel ship. This year to come, the message is Occupy, with Guillaume sitting firmly on the tail of the dragon. The email subject line, by the way: OCCUPY THE WORLD!

We see these as part of the long history of emblems, visual crystallizations of concepts. Marker’s wry humor, political ire and digital composition skills create a personal greeting combined with a global summary of the Situation. We’re glad Guillaume doesn’t have to be wikiproofed or on the run in 2012. He’s holding his ground, as many are (even the girl with the dragon tattoo, which has walked off her back and on to this enigmatic rock against the apocalyptic sky).

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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