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Matta by Chris Marker


During a 1985 exhibition, the artist Matta takes Marker on a tour of his work. His wide-ranging commentary covers art-historical and philosophical questions about art and audience in a manner both mischievous and profound. Matta is an energized subject throughout the interview, and Marker's prowling, hand-held camera perfectly captures this sensation.

L’Attrapeur d’images by Alexandre Kha

L'Attrapeur d'images — Alexandre Kha

Copyright © 2009 Éditions Tanibis. Published by Tanibis at Tanibis is located at ÉDITIONS TANIBIS, 19 rue Francis Chirat, 69100 Villeurbanne, France. tél. : +(0)9 51 23 31 88 Correspondence can be directed to: Alexandre Kha is also the author of Le Théorème funeste, Le Sortilège de la femme-automate, Les Nuits rouges du théâtre d’épouvante. Les Monstres...

The Frozen Frame as an Immortal Object: Reflections on Chris Marker’s La Jetée by Sébastien Doubinsky

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Originally published in 16:9 filmtidsskrift on 30 April 2018. Reprinted with the agreement of the author. Seb Doubinsky can be found on Twitter at @sebdoubinsky Chris Marker, La Jetée (1962) La Jetée (1962) is probably French director Chris Marker’s best-known short film. A dark science-fiction story shot in black and white and using only stills, it has become cult and a reference for many film directors. For instance, Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys (1995) has been...

Chris Marker (The Impossible Book) by Maroussia Vossen

chris marker le livre impossible

Andrew Castillo has translated Maroussia Vossen's book Chris Marker (Le Livre impossible) into English. Below you can find the PDF of the file. Many thanks to Mr. Castillo for his work on this important book. Vossen's book was highlighted in an earlier post. Castillo's blog is called “The Fate of Explanations,” and the article “Translation—Chris Marker (The Impossible Book) (2016),” published from June 17, 2020, Below is the text that...

Icelandic Happiness

cm iceland bonheur squashed

The image of happiness from Sans Soleil — Án sólar in Icelandic This morning, I received an email from Quentin Darcq alerting me to the presence of a video from Icelandic television on called “Исландское TV о поиске трёх сестёр из “Без солнца” (which translates as “Icelandic TV about the search for three sisters from Sans Soleil“). The post's author is named Крис Маркер (“Chris Marker”). My thanks go out to Quentin...

Letter From Marker: A Video Essay

video essay screenshot crop

A video essay by Luís Azevedo using the words filmmaker Chris Marker spoke about himself to tell his story. For the accompanying text, visit the Notebook: In 1958, after watching LETTRE DE SIBÉRIE (1957), André Bazin wrote that Marker’s first feature film resembles nothing hitherto seen in documentary films: “The important word is ‘essay,’ understood in the same sense that it has in literature – an essay at once historical and political, written by...

Re-Imagining Sans Soleil

Sans Soleil re-imagined. Japanese girls strolls the world.

The painting is the work of moonywolf and is titled “ville sans soleil.” It was published to Deviant Art originally. Moonywolf can be found at Her portfolio is absolutely stunning, extending from delicate line drawings to world-building on a level of a C.S. Lewis or a J.R.R. Tolkein. There is a definite Japanese flavor to her work that aligns it all the more with the sensibilities of Chris Marker, so it is fitting she chose to invent...

Vertiginous Hauntings: The Ghosts of Vertigo Published

vertigo poster spiral

While the initial reception of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958) was unspectacular, it made its presence felt in a host of other films–from Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil (1983) to Brian De Palma’s Obsession (1976), and David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive (1999). What seemed to have eluded the critics at the time is that Vertigo is a film about being haunted: by illusive images, turbulent emotions, motion and memory, the sound and feeling of falling into the past, into a...

Chris Marker Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory

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