As many, I am speechless to learn of the passing of Chris Marker. He lives on in our hearts and minds, in his incomparable work, in the inner sanctum of eternity—”au lieu d’un mort, on fait un éternel.” Much will be written; for now we feel.

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  1. There was never another Chris Marker and there will not be another. So so very sad. “I will have spent my life trying to understand the function of remembering, which is not the opposite of forgetting, but rather its lining. We do not remember, we rewrite memory much as history is rewritten. How can one remember thirst? “

  2. “Legends are born out of the need to decipher the indecipherable. Memories must make do with their delirium, with their drift. A moment stopped would burn like a frame of film blocked before the furnace of the projector. Madness protects, as fever does.” — Sans Soleil

    ‘When we surfaced again, we were a bit dizzy from the cold, and from looking into the future.’ –Letter from Siberia.

    Rest in peace. You filmed so we could remember our humanity.

  3. Michel says:

    Time to raze the Sorbonne.


  4. Valerie says:

    Merci Chris Marker. Où que nous allions, nous aurons bien besoin de vous.

  5. John Francis says:

    So very sad. Through his work he feels so close to me.


  6. Andras says:

    very sad news.

    Michel, you’re comment made me smile.

  7. DT says:

    I share your feelings. I interrupted my holydays and every project to write down, beyond today’s feelings, as much as I can about Chris Marker’s legacy, what I owe him – and since an owe in an owe is an owe is an owe it takes some times. Thanks for all you’ve been doing on this site. Friendly yours. DT

  8. jonaas17 says:

    “Je vous écris tout ça d’un autre monde, un monde d’apparences.
    – I am writing all this from another world, a world of appearances…! –
    D’une certaine façon, les deux mondes communiquent.
    La mémoire est pour l’un ce que l’Histoire est pour l’autre. Une impossibilité.
    Les légendes naissent du besoin de déchiffrer l’indéchiffrable. Les mémoires doivent se contenter de leur délire, de leur dérive. Un instant arrêté grillerait comme la pellicule d’un film bloquée devant la fournaise du projecteur. La folie protège, comme la fièvre. …”
    in “Sans soleil” (Nihon “clin d’oeil” !!)
    Nothing else to add … Would it be possible to do a “Tombeau de Chris” as “he” did the magnificient “Tombeau d’Alexandre…

  9. Seb says:


    …containing the very last image made by Marker.

    RIP Chris Marker, the world has lost a very unique art genius.

  10. RIP Chris Marker.
    RIP Sandor Krasna.
    Guillaume will live forever!

  11. B says:

    Larga vida a Chris Marker, que la ha ganado con una obra y una vida extensas, genuinas, generosas, inteligentes, conmovedoras. Y muchas gracias por lo hecho y por las huellas que ha dejado para que otros hagan de ahí en más.

  12. A. Salvagno says:

    De très tristes nouvelles. Un artiste unique.
    Maintenant, c’est à nous de faire connaître son oeuvre.

  13. Damien says:

    I have the feeling of losing a loved one, a distant but benevolent friend who have guided me towards the Images (as the best pretext) to understand other realities and satisfy my curiosity.
    You showed me what Cortazar made ​​me understand in Rayuela: how a simple daily event can break open your world to the fantastic …If we start by accepting the presence of the fantastic and we open the door for it, then it can come. In this way, we aren’t searching for it, but inviting it.
    I’d like to share this four minute sequence “Slon Tango,” filmed by Chris Marker in Llubjana zoo (1993). The magic of Chris Marker, who juxtaposes the ballet of this elephant in his enclosure to Stravinsky’s music…

    Read more on my blog…

  14. Gould says:

    I scanned the photos of my Marker’s out of print & autographed book ‘Le Dépays’ here :


  15. Themistoklis Giokroussis says:

    Not sad at all.

    My life is much richer because of his.


  16. “Hardwarehacker Hoch : he didnt die, CM staged his death -> 29. Juli 1921-29. Juli 2012 – and lives now contryside in france without contact to anybody…….
    Eupalinos Ugajin : Good he is now part of the humans memorized by the “Invention of Morel” that come and go with the tides… Must be having fun reading all those obituaries.”

    source : http://www.facebook.com/eupalinos.ugajin/posts/473618066001326

    If this countryside is by the Sea and I am sure he is watching those giant propellers : http://www.facebook.com/eupalinos.ugajin/posts/141492659322995

  17. John Fitzgerald says:

    I learned of his death yesterday when a friend sent me a link to the Times obituary. Very sad news. I thought of him again later in the day as I returned from work on the subway when a young European film student studying in New York sitting across from me asked my permission to film me for a minute with his digital camera, for a film he was making. As he filmed, I thought of the passengers in the Tokyo trains that Marker had captured in Sans Soleil and his more recent series of photos of people on the Paris Metro. It was a fitting end to a sad day.

  18. Still absorbing this loss. A major influence on me. I remember Sans Soleil on my first viewing, inside the Film Forum in NYC, and knowing while watching that my entire approach to media and life/thought was being shifted in quietly essential ways.

    Though we never met in person, I have been in dialogue with CM for much of my creative life. A completely inadequate yet heart felt tribute here:


  19. From Ulrike Haage:
    “An audio journey through Marker’s universe…” [auf Deutsch]

  20. Modest says:

    “…Jay si grant doeul et paine doloreuse…”

    Epitaphe en forme de chat

  21. Seb says:

    @Eupalinos Ugajin : Are you simply supposing this because of the date ?

    It’s an interesting point of view and reflect how Marker played with misinformation and personal identity.

    He’s been hidden behind pseudos, animals and now death himself.

    Immortal !

  22. Bookmite says:

    Un proverbe africain dit qu’un vieil homme qui meurt, c’est une bibliothèque qui brûle. On a une chance : la bibliothèque Chris Marker n’est brûlée qu’en partie puisqu’il nous reste quelques traces de son esprit avec ses mots et ses images.
    Il va nous manquer mais il a aiguisé notre regard. Continuer cette lutte, ce désir, cette curiosité…
    A Modest : superbe épitaphe en forme de chat.

    An African proverb says that an old man who dies, it’s a library which burns. We’re lucky: the library Chris Marker is partially burned only because we have some tracks with his words and his images. He’s going to miss us but he sharpened our wits. To continue this struggle, this desire, this curiosity…
    To Modest : wonderful epitaph.

  23. Cat says:

    Shock and sadness, richer and poorer. Farewell, Chris Marker, and thank you.

    I wonder if ‘Curiosity’ bore his soul back to Mars, from where back in the day it was sometimes believed he came …

  24. GenMex says:

    This time traveler has gone back to the future.
    Thank you for your visit.

  25. @ Seb : Someone from “Ouvroir” in Second Life told this to me and yes I don’t think my body is organised enough to stop working the day of my birthday while in a year whose two last digits are the inversion of those of my birth year. But maybe he is a friend of Woland and his troup (from the “Master and Magarita”) ?

    Anyhow once you are recorded by Morel’s Invention does it really matter if visitors on the island keep wondering if you are dead or alive ?

    PS : In Second Life I will have this “flat” GEE hold a 3D kite

    You can visit it here (until august 15th at least)

  26. Seb says:

    @ Eupalinos Ugajin : Totally right. Thanks for the links.

  27. Ed Grant says:

    It’s very hard to sum up what Chris left us with. I think the only way to mourn his loss is to sustain his memory (as he has sustained ours), and see what happens next….


    Thank you for your fine work on this website (which I did link to in the piece above).


  28. Gould says:

    French cinémathèque to hold a one night hommage to Marker. It is yet not know if it’ll be public or private. Some ‘rare’ stuff will be shown.

  29. Alexandre DUPONT says:

    Hi, for your information, on this french blog, a description of the Marker’s funeral.



  30. Gould says:

    This evening Cinematheque hommage included many Marker’s shorts unseen before and some great speeches from friends.

    Cinematheque official Marker blog:

  31. Gould says:

    Also french newspaper Liberation had a piece today on Marker’s ongoing legacy battle. Another french institution claims right to part of Marker’s archives as on his living he already gave them loads of stuff. With French cinematheque claiming its due, it’s going to be an ugly fight.

  32. Gould says:

    for those who speak french, very valuable testimonies from Marker’s relatives :

  33. Damien says:

    Thank you for all the information Gould. It’s all gould :)

  34. Gould says:

    je t’en prie ;-)

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