L’entretien infini

An hour-long entretien has been published on France Culture: “Chris Marker (1921-2012),” in the collection “Une vie, un oeuvre” curated by Matthieu Garrigou-Lagrange. This eloquent, personal and erudite conversation is hosted by Virginie Bloch-Lainé; participants include Claude Lanzmann, Régis Debray, Raymond Bellour, Arnaud Lambert, Bruno Muel, Eric Marty and Edourd Waintrop. You can listen to the conversation embedded below or go to www.franceculture.fr to listen, read a summary, and browse selected links and images about Marker.

The arc of the conversation begins with Marker’s origins and early films and concludes with the period where he remained mostly in Paris (with forays into the ‘retreat’ of Second Life) at the helm of his media control center, bringing the world he had traveled to him via global networks and the many monitors that populated his atelier (as shown in several Angès Varda stills). Though his life was both veiled and encrypted in his work, we hear also of the man himself from those who knew and admired him.

3 thoughts on “L’entretien infini

  1. Lynne Broad says:

    Thank you for this program. It sounds extremely interesting, but unfortunately for those whose French is basic (to say the least) it’s so tantalising not being able to understand most of it.

    I’ll just have to keep learning the language and return to the program from time to time in the hope of understanding more. In the meantime it would be wonderful if anyone could translate it!

    Lynne B

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