KINO + iDead

This video, “KINO”—subtitled “A short history of cinema”—appeared on Chris Marker’s Kosinki YouTube channel on October 5th.

Two days later, we receive another Kosinki video, on the mass media response to the bardo-traversing of Steve Jobs. Long live the archive and the archivist.

2 thoughts on “KINO + iDead

  1. […]  Two new short videos have popped up on Chris Marker’s YouTube channel. iDead‘s take on Steve Jobs is obvious, albeit thrillingly choreographed to Purcell, while […]

  2. jeanwadier says:


    I have a question about a TV program of yesteryear — at the time of a celebration for the American Center in Paris …: Chris Marker commented on French vs. American attitudes: is there any trace of this program ( i have checked in many places before … hence this question ?
    Jean Wadier
    Paris/New York

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