Chris Marker’s 1981 short film Junkopia is now available for viewing online at Ubu.com. Thanks to Nate Lavey for the heads-up. Notable are the foregrounding of the sonic elements that were always present in Marker’s films, yet often took a more subliminal position in deference to the commentary, which here is explicitly abstained from, as the add-on “framing” of the film provided by arte points out.

This style of sound painting recalls Holgar Czukay and David Sylvian’s Plight and Premonition and Biosphere’s Substrata – ambient atmospherics integrating radio wave sampling that Marker’s otherworldly sonic backdrops predate by a long shot (watch La Jetée someday with your eyes closed :>).

Junkopia Owl

Commuters from the East Bay to San Francisco will be familiar with this no man’s landscape in Emeryville culled from the floatable spare parts of the city, washed ashore. The animal forms, such as the watchful tinfoil owl above, receive their due attention, as is so often the case in Marker’s productions, whatever the scale.

9 thoughts on “Junkopia

  1. Hedayat says:

    Fascinating web… I’ve ripped a VHS for a private movie site and now the film is on Ubu! Strange journey.

  2. Khayyam says:

    Indeed, Hedayat, strange journey : Junkopia… an unidentified surfing object that have washed ashore from the web.

  3. Hafez-e Chirazi says:

    Indeed, Khayyam, strange, strange journey!

  4. blindlibrarian says:

    You guys have cool names. As the Doors say “Strange times have found us.” Or if you prefer the Grateful Dead, “What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

  5. Hedayat says:

    blindlibrarian, I have an indication that you should like : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blind_Owl

  6. blindlibrarian says:

    Thank you Hedayat!

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