Guillaume’s Conclusion

I had always been convinced that in my small essays, the untold part was more meaningful…”
Chris Marker, Passengers

IMAGINE. Chris Marker’s enigmatic video of August 24, 2011, the day of Steve Jobs’ resignation, sent to some friends and associates without comment, in an email entitled “Guillaume’s Conclusion.”

3 thoughts on “Guillaume’s Conclusion

  1. dan visel says:

    Surely this is about what happened in Dominque Srauss-Kahn’s room in the NY Sofitel, not about Steve Jobs’s resignation?

  2. zerkalo says:

    You’re probably right, but it could be multivalent…

  3. srjm says:

    “but the beloved model keeps moving: and the only snapshots we can take are always out of focus” – In The Shadow Of Young Girls In Flower”

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