All the world knows me in my book, and my book in me.Michel de Montaigne

Je pense à un monde ou chaque mémoire pourrait créer sa propre légende.Chris. Marker

souvenir avenir

Chrismarker.org is an randomly-compiled, taxonomically naive and hopefully useful archive of ruminations, bibliographic & filmographic notations, untimely meditations, mnemonic minutiae and other glosses on the cinematic, written, photographic and multimedia work of world-citizen & time-traveler Chris Marker – the “mercurial international man of semiotic mystery.”* (Or, as the endnotes to Abschied vom Kino puts it, Chris Marker is: “Autor, Aktivist, Filmemacher, Fotograf, Internaut, Kritiker, Medienkünstler, Poet, Publizist / Author, activist, filmmaker, photographer, Internaut, critic, media artist, poet, journalist.” We might add: friend to animals). In the end, the title he settled on was simply “bricoleur.”

bonjour kittyWe welcome contributions in short article form from the global village that Marker helped to map. We also welcome Chris Marker news, links, memorabilia, aphorisms, quotations, images and stray insights. Contributions from animals are welcome too, of course, including but not limited to cats, owls, giraffes, emus and elephants (слоны).

The predecessor of this site was an old and crumbling edifice from the ’90s: silverthreaded presents chris marker, housed at a so-called tilde account in the dial-up days, in and amongst the rubble of a strange research project dubbed Cinema Paranoia. Upon this shaky base we build, quoting & glossing, writing when inspired, ever fascinated by and admiring always the oeuvre of Chris Marker, le plus célèbre des cinéastes inconnus.

Il faudrait raser la Sorbonne, et mettre Marker à la place.Henri Michaux {‘so legendary that its precise reference is lost’ – R. Bellour}

Cimitière Montparnasse Chris Marker

* The L Magazine.

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