Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory
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Second Life II: «Dancing with Guillaume»

For more information on Chris Marker’s contributions to Second Life, see NPIRL ["Not Possible in Real Life"]. The official site for Second Life is

According to NPIRL, Guillaume qualifies as a “furry,” though we’re hoping that doesn’t exclude him from being a whirling dervish. Do you know what “furries” are? If so, you are more in the loop than a blind librarian. Here’s a summary of a sub-culture that is happening, growing and evolving at a pretty lively pace, and expresses itself in a prominent contingent of sentient beings that populate Second Life:

Furry fandom is a fandom devoted to anthropomorphic animal characters. Since the 1980s, the term furries has come to refer to such characters. Fictional work celebrated by furry fandom typically attributes high-level intelligence, human facial expressions and anatomy, speech, bipedalism, clothing, or other attributes to otherwise animal characters. Work in any medium that includes such characters may be considered part of the furry genre, although they are most often seen in comics, cartoons, animated films, allegorical novels, and video games. Members of the furry subculture are often known as furry fans, furries, or simply furs.They commonly interact online and at furry conventions.

Wikipedia, “Furry fandom”

Video courtesy Guillaume-Luddy Relay™


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“Notre avatar est donc entré dans « l’Ouvroir » – le nom de l’exposition qui fait référence à l’Oulipo, l’Ouvroir de littérature potentielle. Cela commence par un grand corridor où sont exposés des portraits démultipliés de Frankenstein qui se télescopent avec des photos d’archives : portrait d’une femme, vieilles automobiles garées à la va-comme-j’te-pousse. On fait évoluer notre avatar dans cet espace oppressant et paradoxal où les images d’un autre temps s’entrechoquent. Un clic et l’on s’éloigne, un autre et l’on se rapproche jusqu’à se cogner contre le cadre. Le point de vue change, mais l’impression subsiste : on est perdu. Et c’est peut-être ce que poursuit Chris Marker : le point limite, là où les images du passé ne parviennent plus à susciter le souvenir. ”

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There is a splendid metaphysical film made from within Second Life: Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odessey, viewable at

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